Back Home

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Well, I’m back in the states now! I got in yesterday and with the time difference I was up for 24 hours. Ick. But back to reality! I miss London already, but to cope I made a video of my friends and the tube and random places I went! Here’s the link in case you want to see :]


Springtime in London!

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With one week left in London and three to five papers to write [depending on how you look at it], I thought I’d procrastinate a bit and post some pretty photos of London in the spring! Since London is usually cold and gray, I thought it would be a nice change.

Click the photo for more!

Spring Break Photos!

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Flickr has a really silly limit on the number of photos I can upload in a day [plus it takes forever!] so this is a small sampling of photos from break. I labeled where each photo was from, though there are a couple I forgot -__- That sounds awful, but unless it was a distinctive building, it could easily have been from any German city.

Click here!

Billy Shakes

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I completely forgot I was going to be in Stratford this weekend! I just got back, and it was pretty fun. We only stayed one night, but Stratford is really small so one night was plenty. We saw an amazing production of Romeo and Juliet; not one of my favourite plays, but this production made me really like it. We also saw Billy Shakes’ grave, where his house used to be [they tore it down…] etc. There was a cute used bookstore with old books and I bought a book of Longfellow that I can’t wait to read.

On the way there we stopped by Winston Churchill’s grave, and on the way back we stopped by Oxford. Oxford is cool, and I could have stayed longer, but I was eager to get back to London as well.

As for the photos I promised, well… I can’t find my USB cord thingy. I thought I knew where it was, but I was wrong. It’s somewhere in my room, but I can’t be arsed to find it tonight; I plan on turning in soon. But once I find my cord, I will have photos!


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It’s officially been a week back in London! Funny how it feels so much like coming back home, especially since I only have another month and a half here. Time is passing too fast!

Anyway, I told papa that I’d post photos yesterday, but obviously that didn’t happen. I’ll probably actually do that…Thursday…..

Tomorrow night I’m going on a ‘haunted tour’ with my flatmates and a couple other friends. A friend of a friend is visiting, which is why we’re doing this in the first place. It looks like it’s going to be pretty neat. Wednesday night I’m going to see ‘Love Never Dies’, which is the sequel to ‘Phantom of the Opera’. It’s supposed to be awful according to all of my theatre friends and professors, but ‘awful’ in the sense that it’s really only things theatre people notice and care about. Since I really have no desire to be a theatre kid, I’m sure I’ll like it.

Anyway, with all this stuff going on, Thursday will probably when I post photos.

Love and miss everyone!

Muenchen for real

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OK, I know the last post was really pathetic, but I literally had one minute to type something and post it. Now I have a lot more time, but it’s noon here so I should probably get going pretty soon anyway.

Yesterday I went to the Hofbrauhaus to try and find a message my friend left me carved on a table. I sat at a table near it for a solid half hour, nursing a drink, waiting for the occupants of the table she wrote the message on to leave. Since the HB gets really crowded really quickly, it was impossible for me to have my own table, so a group of four sat down soon after that. One of the guys was from LA, near La Brea, so we got to chat about California for a bit, which was nice. Eventually I just gave up the idea that the people at the other table would leave, so I awkwardly asked if I could read the corners of their table. They thought it was amusing, so they let me. I didn’t find my friend’s message, though the people teased me about using SMS instead.

Ugh, I Hate this keyboard. I have to punch every letter or it doesn’t register on the screen

After the Hofbrauhaus, I went to the English Gardens about ten minutes away. Though they were buried under a foot of snow, they were really nice. I danced around for a while before deciding it was too cold to be out there. Then I found sanctuary in a Starbucks nearby and took the opportunity to defrost.

No nasty hairy guys in my room at this hostel, but there’s an angry couple that’s on the wrong side of thirty (too old ot be doing the hostel thing.) There was also some other guy who looked ‘too cool’ to be doing the hostel thing, wearing his black wife beater like a second skin. There’s also been a couple Korean kids every night, but they don’t stay for more than one night.

I’m now annoyed cause I can’t acces my e-mail from this computer. I could yesterday, which makes it all the more annoying.

Today I was going to go to Nuremberg, but the train ride is a mess of transfers, so it’s not really worth it. Plus I got a late start today. So I`m just going to go see more of Munich!

Mittagessen zeit!


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Now I’m in Munich! All I did today after a quick trip back to Koeln was sit on the train, then get off the train, find my hostel, and read. I’ll update tomorrow once I’ve done something!